Not just accommodation and city tour !!

Programs with themes for your student groups:


Agriculture and Food industry schools

Trips to various companies and production facilities:
  • Cooperative farms that specialize in vegetation and livestock products (horned cattle, pork, poultry)
  • Specialized companies - e.g. insemination stations, horse-breeding farms etc.
  • Manufacture of agricultural machines and equipment: (seed drills, plows, tractors, combines etc.)
  • Vineyards and visits to wine cellars with wine tasting included
  • Hop cultivation and visits to beer breweries with beer tasting included
  • Dairy farms, bakeries and meat industry
  • Gardening - fruit, vegetable and flower growing
  • Professional agricultural production seminars and visits to survey institutes

Construction and Art schools

  • Visits to construction sites - new construction of residential homes, the metro, tunnels, bridges, airport
  • Projects for renovation of historical objects
  • Tours of objects with interesting architecture, including expert descriptions
  • Professional seminars on construction and architectural development in the capital city of Prague

Mechanical and Industrial schools

    Tours of various mechanical engineering plants
  • ŠKODA - automobiles
  • AVIA - trucks
  • ČKD - metro train, cars and trams
  • AERO - Aircrafts

Other professional and general schools

  • Professional seminars focused on chosen topics
  • Meetings with Czech students, visit to secondary schools and colleges

Organization of group sports activities and sports programs in the Krkonoše Mountains and in Šumava.

  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain bikes
  • Canoeing
  • Rafting
  • Mountain hiking